Stand Connects Artists and Community

Stand brings art to Bay Ridge and surrounding Brooklyn neighborhoods by creating art shows that inspire artists to create work that connects to community venues. The result crosses the border between installation and exhibition and strives to express a harmony between place and art.

What is the Stand Project?

Whether it is visual beauty or the power of an idea, art draws us into itself through the deliberate expression of the artist. Brought to the local level, art connects the artist with the community, as it connects neighbors and visitors in the collective act of experiencing art. Stand hopes to ignite the imaginations of local artists and community members by drawing them together in locations that hold unique value within Bay Ridge and the surrounding Brooklyn neighborhoods.


8 Jun 2016

Industry Magazine Gives Stand a Shoutout


Thanks to Industry Magazine for this little mention! (See page 54 for the clip) Jeannine Bardo, the founder of Stand is a participant in the Bay Ridge Arts Organization, Saw.

29 Nov 2015

Stand’s Upcoming Show, ‘Giving up the Ghost’, Takes on an Added Dimension


Our next Stand show taking place in January 2016 at Owl’s Head Wine Bar will take on an added dimension. We are fleshing out the idea of concurrent shows in Bay Ridge coinciding with, reflecting and connecting to each other. Here is what artist, curator and owner of Owl’s Head Wine Bar John Avelluto announced on Facebook […]

25 Sep 2015

Video from a Few of Stand’s Shows


As the Stand project grows so does our documentation. We were excited to see this time lapse video from the Reich Paper shot by Luke Reich. Our videos of the Brooklyn Stitchery show and the Butcher Bar show give a taste of the work exhibited.  

Participating Venues

Here are some of the venues who so generously participated in Stand.

  • The Stand Show at St. Ephrem Church


    Life is a dynamic system and we are a part of its trajectories and iterations. Mercy counters behavior that destroys and fractures our fractal world.

    - The Stand Show at St. Ephrem Church
  • The Stand Show at Owl’s Head Wine Bar

    Giving up the Ghost

    “The life principle or vital spark, the seat of intelligence, which gives way to our mind’s apparitions and haunts are how we may define the soul.”

    - The Stand Show at Owl’s Head Wine Bar
  • The Stand Show at Bay Ridge Place Carriage House

    Carriage House Pop-up Show

    “A memory, an image, an object arises as if to remind us that what came before continues to inhabit what is now.”

    - The Stand Show at Bay Ridge Place Carriage House
  • The Stand Show at Reich Paper

    Reich Paper Pop-Up Show

    “This show is a homage to the humble workhorse that is paper and it is fitting that we honor it by giving it a chance to find a new home and a new love.”

    - The Stand Show at Reich Paper
  • The Stand Show at Greenhouse Cafe


    “LandEscape is a show focused on work that uses the natural landscape as inspiration and humanity’s relationship with the natural world.”

    - The Stand Show at Greenhouse Cafe
  • The Stand Show at Butcher Bar

    Choice Connections

    “It is not from the benevolence (kindness) of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest.”

    - The Stand Show at Butcher Bar