Bay Ridge Carriage House Owner Offers Next Venue to Stand


Stand was conceived as a way for artists to make stronger connections to the community they live in and as an avenue for the local community, to find art that is accessible and relevant to their own experiences.

In this spirit, the inspiration for our fifth Stand show Sheltered Past was sparked by community member, Teresa Miccio who attended the fourth show of the Stand series, Reich Paper Pop-up Paper Show. Teresa was inspired by the connections people were making at the show and the premise of Stand and she offered up part of her home, a historical carriage house, as the next venue.

Teresa has a strong respect and reverence for community, past and present, and she felt the beauty and history of her home would align with the mission of Stand. Her vision is truth not only because of the historical aesthetics of the home but because of Teresa’s open heart and open mind. Her ability to find goodness and a sense of awe in everyday life is what makes her home not only a shelter, but also “a place in which one’s domestic affections are centered”.  

We will leave you with Teresa’s words when asked to envision her important role in the making of the exhibit: “I just want to sit back and watch the joy happen.”

We would like to thank Teresa Miccio for so generously offering up her home and for being that person who not only revels in the joy of others, but is also a catalyst for joy. She makes us aware of the capacity for joy we all have if we choose to open our hearts. 

Sheltered Past now invites artists and viewers to a more private space, where cobblestone and carriage house once signaled home, and where memories, hidden in time or under layers of conscience, are mined for the treasures they might yield.

You can learn more about this charming space in this Brooklyn Eagle article.