Fractured Landscape: A New Exhibition Featuring Stand Artists

Jeannine Bardo, director of Stand, is curating the show Fractured Landscape this November at St. Francis College’s Callahan Center. Fractured Landscape features not only Jeannine’s work but the work of Cecilia Whittaker-Doe, Talin Megherian, and Nicole Donnelly. Artist John Ros wrote the essay for Fractured Landscape that helps give voice to the show’s direction and purpose. John, Cecilia and Jeannine all exhibited work in the previous Stand show, LandEscape.

Please stop by Fractured Landscape:

November 3rd thru 27th
St. Francis College – Callahan Center
180 Remsen Street, Brooklyn

Fractured Landscape
A state of being broken.
Intrinsically connected, separate beings.
Born of, but alien to.

This show touches on only a fraction of our complicated relationship with the natural landscape. The artists represented in Fractured Landscape routinely look to the landscape to mine their inspiration, form ideas and ask more questions. Their landscapes are borne of memories, existing only as illusions, like the fractured white light of rainbows and our perceptions of what is real. Or they meander through time and memory, accompanied by the pulsing and trickling of waterways keeping us alive. They are backdrops that form collective identities and weapons used to erase an identity. They are macro, micro, formed tectonically, blasted for treasure, hued with poisons and finally left alone leaving space for new orders to form and life to continue. These landscapes reveal our consciousness, dark sides, dependency, fears, insolence and veneration… and our humanness.

Curated by Jeannine Bardo and Guest Curator, Essayist John Ros