Stand’s Upcoming Show, ‘Giving up the Ghost’, Takes on an Added Dimension

Our next Stand show taking place in January 2016 at Owl’s Head Wine Bar will take on an added dimension. We are fleshing out the idea of concurrent shows in Bay Ridge coinciding with, reflecting and connecting to each other. Here is what artist, curator and owner of Owl’s Head Wine Bar John Avelluto announced on Facebook this week:

I’ll be curating a show called Spector/Reanimator. The exhibition will include works that are comprised of retooled older works or somehow breath new life into older ideas that were part of the artists’ practice. Artists working in all media will be shown. This exhibition will coincide with the Stand exhibition “Giving up the Ghost” which will occur in mutually exclusive locations (though close by) but echo (ghost) the theme. Though I have a bunch of work assembled for this exhibition, if you have any work that you think is suitable please contact me.

To see John’s page click here.

And there’s more…

The show I am putting together, Reanimator, will display works by artists that have taken extant works, produced either by the artist themselves at an earlier date or another artist entirely, and refashioned it to create a new work…breathing a new life into it. The physical work reconfigured via the machinations of artistic process, pointing to the temporal nature of resolution.